DJ Services

The DJ department of Ilproductions Media concentrates on bring music to an event to create memories, laughter, excitement and reflection. Fully customized to the client's event, we bring professional, educated and experience DJs. Equipped with the latest technology,lights and audio equipment with trained staff we are there from beginning to end and bring your vision to life in between.Each event brings a tone; a tone that must be personalized to create a memorable event that matches expectations. A great deal of thought, planning and production has been put forth in designing layout for each format of event, from intimate to large, and personal to corporate.

Corporate Events & Galas

Lights, camera, action! A gala is a glamorous event that brings the people out for a night on the town and we do not disappoint. Lights and audio with programmed capabilities our equipment is brings the sparkle, excitement and anticipation to the room. The music from our DJ just cascades through the room keeping the guests entertained, dancing, singing along' truly making it a musical memory. Such events are typically for hundreds of people that require equipment to accommodate,we have a great inventory with full ability to fit need.

Sports/Outdoor Events

Music outdoors brings a whole new meaning to an event, as well as to the equipment. Playing for a small crowd of friends to stadium filled of people after a game Equipment ready for outdoor use, set up and tear down that can be used in all weather and DJs that understand the audio needs of an outdoor crowd makes our department one that is truly versatile.

Weddings, Proms & Family Events

Personal events create memories that remain in your heart for years to come, the music offers a familiar way to bring back and experience those moments. A wedding or a child's prom is a moment in time that is never erased and brings joy every time it is reflected upon. Music should be fitting for such an occasion, catering to the event and for the intimate crowd, catering to their musical needs and creating a remarkable evening/day.An enormous amount of production went into our planning for executing such an intimate event for each person from proms, weddings, and personal events that we work side by side with all the tools, checklists and personal touches to ensure your vision comes to life.

Nightlife & Concerts

The nightlife and the crowd at concerts, clubs and other venues brings a whole new meaning to energy, passion and Dj-ing. Our staff have experienced working in all genres, eras and never comes up short on pleasing a crowd. Our goal is to keep them excited, dancing and having a blast with the latest equipment and audio allows a direct line from the DJ to the crowd that is crystal clear. We are pleased to have a great roaster that is experienced in bringing the party and having a blast without leaving the professional expectations at home.