Staffing Services

The field of event staffing is one that has multiple components that we, at Ilproductions Media, have mastered several areas of. Over the years we have worked relentlessly perfecting our techniques and our staff training to ensure we provide exceptional service to each client and go beyond their expectations. Along with our staffing we, the owners and/or management always attend all our events.

Brand Ambassadors

Whether you are launching a new product, promoting your current line of services or establishing an image, Brand Ambassadors are a great component to further your stride. Brand Ambassadors form our agency come educated, experiences, trained and fully vetted for each event.A Brand Ambassador will interact with the public and entice the crowd to come to your booth, stand, or store to establish a connection between them and your business. With knowledge of each client's business Brand Ambassadors can supply information and answer questions, allowing them to promote with confidence.Talking to potential clients, buyers, and in general the public is an essential first step in business connections, and with customization our Ambassadors can fit any profile that you business represents from a sexy black cocktail look to a professional suit attire and all in between. Our job is to fit your vision and promote, connect and grow your business.Brand Ambassadors is the most effective marketing tool to use and the top personal engagement technique that a business can use.

Experimental Marketing

This method is one of the fastest growing and widely used marketing tools. We connect with the market through live interactions, talking, presenting, showing and more to immediately engage with the crowd to develop an instant relationship between them and your brand. Through the senses we entice and attract others to create reminders, memories and connection triggers that will bring them to your product, service and brand. Either through offering tastings, answer questions and giving information, friendly conversation, watching an animation or video and more. We can offer you with multiple avenues with our staffing who are trained to provide the best experiential marketing tools to your event, booth, store or more. Through providing an experience to your consumers and market you are creating a more permanent connection directly between you and your potential clients.A great addition to what our agency offers is that our staff through the interaction will with their permission collect information that can be used in defining details of your brand's market and help with future strategies in marketing, advertising and public image.

Promotional Models

Promotional models are hired to attract as much attention to a service or product that they can and our promotional models do just that. Our staff is experienced, friendly and always a great eye-catch for any venue, event or setting. We work with you to have a promotional team that best represents your vision and your brand, thus bringing to live your vision. Our staffing are experience, along with our management that attends all events, in any sized event from small private to large corporate functions; allowing you full versatility in using our services. Our staffing reaches across Canada and can meet your needs at your next event.

Hospitality Staffing

Our agency is excited to offer hospitality staffing to your next event with fully trained, smart-served bartenders, waitress/waiters, hostesses, shooters, and more.Our staff have received educational and practical training to ensuring public safety or all for events with alcoholic beverages. They provide courtesy and an approachable personality making your guests enjoy the event and are able to control and maintain professionalism when dealing with a difficult situation as to not disturb the other guests.One of the greatest tasks that hospitality staffing positions entails is beyond just serving great drinks and entertaining guest but rather hard work in cleaning, setting up, cutting and preparing garnishes and proper money-handling and at the end of it all cleaning up.

Special Request/Unique Talent

Providing a rare or unique touch to your event may be a great way to stand out and be remembered by all guests. Unique talents and performances are available like fire breathing, circus acts, burlesque, dancers of various styles, Djs, musical bands and more. We would love to work with you on providing those special touches that take your event to the next level.